Easy way to share the Flutter project with other developers

Myroslava Drobnych
4 min readMay 28, 2021


How often do you share Google Docs? Frequently, yeah? People use it because it is fast and easy.
Is it possible to share Flutter projects in the same way? Not like a “git commit…”
Is it possible to do it in such way that your teammates will be able to edit and view the project in real-time, build and debug it together?
The answer is YES if you use FlutLab.

Collaboration in FlutLab

Invite people to your project

Case 1: “I have an error in my code. I have some trouble solving it. I need someone to help me!”

No worries, FlutLab will help you in this case.

  1. Flutter Online IDE shows an error:

2. Press the “Share Project” icon:

3. Add any user who has a FlutLab account in the opened form:

4. The person you added will receive an invitation to join the project:

5. If you added a friend/expert with the “can view” access, he will see your project like this:

He can’t edit, save or build your code in this mode.
However, he will see all the code, outputs, and the result of the latest build. To see the latest build, viewer has to click the “Web emulator” icon. Emulator will appear if the project was successfully built at least one time.

6. But you can always change the sharing settings:

7. With the “can edit” permission, your collaborator is able to edit the code and use all the functions of the IDE:

8. When work is done, you can remove a helper from your project:

Case 2: “We are a team of developers. We want to work on our project together and solve all problems quickly!”

FlutLab allows you to work on a project together in real-time

  1. Press the “Share Project” icon:

2. Add the whole team to the project and define their roles (“can view” or “can edit”):

3. Teammates with the “can view” access will see your project like this:

They will see all the changes, but they can’t edit the project.

4. Teammates with the “can edit” permission will see your project like this:

They can edit, save and build the project too.

5. Also, one of the collaborators can lock the project by clicking this icon:

6. Other contributors will see all changes introduced to the project:

7. You can share project or manage sharing settings from your profile too. Click this icon to do it:

8. Manage your team’s collaboration settings in the opened popup window:

Share project with anyone

Do you want to make a demo and show your project to the customers?
Do you need guys from some Flutter Developers groups to help you?
In both cases, it will be a headache to ask people to share emails and manually type them and set the “can view” permission …
Instead, select an “Anyone with the link can view” option, copy the project’s link and share it with … anyone! :

*But be careful: In this mode, anyone who receives a link to your project will be able to see it.

Enjoy FlutLab! There are many more interesting things waiting for you here. We promise!